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Catch the attention of a rapidly growing market! Today, Ready Buyers have access to more and more choices. Every business needs to stand out and compete aggressively – and our solutions will help your business Reach more of them.
Today’s Ready Buyers like to get involved. Go beyond showcasing your products and services, and entice them to know more and contact your business. Once they’re hooked, the rest is up to you!
When Ready Buyers reach out to you, you know they’re more than interested. Enable your business with tools to grab sales opportunities.

Let our Partners' success stories inspire you to grow your business.

  • milas_logo

    “Our business started in the 60's, but we knew that we had to adapt to the pace of our customers, so we need to keep adjusting. With YP, we are given the chance to show our customers our offerings both in print (Metro Manila Yellow Pages) and online (PowerSite). From wherever they are, they can see our offerings, allowing us to further strengthen our brand.”

    Milagros C. Mendoza

  • mia_logo

    “Through the Yellow Pages and PowerSite, which we’ve been using since 2013, we’ve been able to reach new customers and keep them updated on whatever new products and promos we’re having. Not only that, but we’ve seen a big improvement in staying connected with our clients through our online portals, so no matter where they are, we can be available to help them with whatever they need.”

    Shirley Reyes

  • Logo of Rebisco

    Rebisco, a recognized pioneer of the biscuit industry, needed internet buzz to hype their upcoming TV Commercial. YP helped them advertise in YouTube through PowerClicks, delivering 385,000 impressions and 37,000 views of their video. With a view rate of 10% in less than a week, Rebisco was able to successfully augment the launch of their TVC.

    Eric Davis Ng

  • Logo of Micro Lines Sales Center

    "PowerClicks made our business more recognized compared to our competition because our website is seen in Google searches. Not only that, we received more inquiries via phone call and email. YP has been very effective in helping us promote our business."

    Wilson Tan